We have tried to make it easy for you to search our database and access the relevant information in a variety of formats
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Video preview
You may want to start watching a short video explaining how to make the most of our website and the services offered by TowerLocation. The video will explain:
  • How to define your search inquiry based on various criteria including location, operator and tower height
  • How to access and save your tailored search in your preferred format
Preview of our service offering
Your subscription package gives you the opportunity to access the data that you are after in a variety of formats as many times as you want over the course of your subscription. Here you can preview each one of the format on offer.
Spreadsheet option:
This option allows you to download information straight from our database in a csv file allowing you to manipulate it with a spreadsheet software like Excel. Click on the thumbnail to view a large image.
Graph option:
The graph option leaves you the opportunity to see a bar chart showing the number of towers as per your search classified by operator or by tower height. Click on the thumbnail to view a large image.
Map option:
This option gives you access to an interactive map leaving you the opportunity to visualize the selected sites with a standard or satellite view and access detailed information about each site including street address, operator, height, etc. Click on the thumbnail to view a large image.
Summary report option:
The summary report compiles the results of your search presenting the data in various formats including a map, graphs and a table listing all known information on the selected towers straight from our database. Click on the thumbnail to download the preview Report.
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